Para Rowing


Do you want to maintain an active lifestyle but have physical or intellectual disabilities? Para rowers use the same basic techniques as able bodied rowers. Participants will learn the elements of the stroke: drive, finish, recovery, catch and progress through a similar learning curve as other rowers, ultimately experiencing the same thrill at discovering our sport. Para rowers participate in 1 of 3 categories where the equipment may be adapted or modified to enable full participation:


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Legs, Trunks, Arms (LTA)

Use of at least one leg, trunk and arms. Also for rowers with visual and/or intellectual impairments. Rowed with standard boats and sliding seat.

Trunk and Arms (TA)

Use only muscles of trunk and arms to propel the boats. Boat has a fixed seat.

Arms and Shoulders (AS)

Use only arms and shoulders to propel boat. Rower sits on a fixed seat with a fixed back support and strapping across the chest for support.


Fees: $150

Dates: All season during club hours.

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