Competitive Rowing


Are you an experienced rower with racing in your future? Competitive rowers train actively to compete in sprint and head races and are committed to a training program and attending regattas.

Eligibility: Rowing/competitive experience required.

Fees: $495 plus additional regatta fees.

Date: All season, during club hours.

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Recreational Rowing

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Are you wanting to maintain an active lifestyle and looking for the ideal low impact alternative? Recreational rowing builds strength, flexibility, and aerobic capacity. Rowing sessions can be fast paced or relaxed, always with an emphasis on fitness, fun and friendship.

Eligibility: Some rowing experience (LTR or equivalent).

Fees: $495

Date: All season, during club hours.

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5 for $95


Do you want to row but aren't around all summer to make good use of your ILRC membership? Our Pay-as-you-Row plan is perfect for you. You get 5 rowing sessions for $95 to use any time throughout the season. A one time additional fee of $49 per season, per person covers RCA/Row Ontario insurance fees.

Eligibility: Previous rowing experience.

Fees: $140 ($95 + $45 insurance).

Dates: 5 rowing sessions throughout the season.

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