Masters Rowing

Recreational and Competitive

Masters are women and men who are 27 years or older.  Masters rowing is done in both sweep and sculling boats.  In sweep rowing each rower has one oar and rowing is done in four and eight person boats.  Sculling is rowed in quads, doubles and singles (four, two and one person boats) and each rower has two oars.  The club provides all boats including a limited number of singles.  Most singles which are privately owned and stored, for a fee, in the boat house.  For boat storage for singles contact Shane Curry,

Masters may register  with ILRC as Competitive rowers or as Recreational rowers.  The Masters Competitive Program is for rowers who are going to race.  Rowers will be registered with Rowing Canada Aviron and RowOntario as competitive and insured as such.  If you are rowing Recreational, the membership fee is less because the insurance is less expensive.  Masters are responsible for their own regatta fees.

Recreational rowing is encouraged at the club – see  OUR PROGRAMS – RECREATIONAL ROWING. If you like to row for the fun of rowing, for fitness and the for the pleasure of being out on the water and do not wish to race, then recreational rowing is for you. If you have taken a Learn to Row program and you are interested in starting to row, you will need some rowing mentoring and coaching.  The  recreational program is a perfect fit.   Sweep rowing and sculling is available.  If you are particularly interested in sculling, another way to start is by attending one of the sculling schools and then joining our Recreational Program for recreational singles or doubles rowing.

There will be a weekend clinic at the club in June – refer to our calendar.

2017 Fees: Masters Recreational – $440 for unlimited rowing.          Masters Competitive – $520 registered competitive with Rowontario and RCA.

TO REGISTER - refer to our “Registration – Register Now” page and follow the instructions.  All forms that require completion are included on that page.