High School Rowing

Students in regional high schools row at ILRC in the spring as a member of their school rowing club.  Rowers register through their high school athletic association.  Students row daily – usually before morning classes from mid April to mid June.

The goal of high school rowing is to develop athletic skills, physical fitness, improved self esteem, an appreciation of the value of working as a team and to have fun.  A large amount of co-operation and skill is necessary to row together and make a successful two, four or eight person crew.  Students enjoy learning the skills that make the boat move fast, enjoy getting fit, enjoy bonding with and being a part of a crew and love being on the water. All students who wish to take part are eligible to row. There are no try outs and no students are ”cut” from the club, however ther are minimum fitness requirements for the competitive program and all participants must pass the supervised swim test.  Island Lake Rowing Club supplies all of the necessary equipment and coaches.

First year rowers are taught the skills of rowing in two, four and eight person boats (shells).   Some boats will be rowed with one oar per rower – known as sweep rowing and some will be rowed with two oars per rower called sculling. The bulk of the season for novice rowers is spent learning technique.  As the season progresses they start go faster and are taught how to race. Usually they will have a race at the end of the season.

Returning rowers are taught how to improve their rowing technique and how to race… their focus being competitive rowing.  These rowers will attend up to four regattas – which are held on weekends at other rowing sites.  Rowers enter races which are appropriate for their level of skill and fitness with the objective being to have meaningful competitions.  The rowing crews for each boat are made up on the basis of gender, weight, age and ability.

All students are expected to develop a basic level of fitness before the beginning of the rowing season.  They will be assisted at this with a dry-land training program held during the winter at their school. On the water all rowers receive daily coaching from coaches in motor boats which accompany the rowing shells  The motor boat acts as a coach/safety boat and carries all necessary safety equipment.  All rowers must be able to swim and will undergo a swim test.  Students doing competitive rowing are expected to attend all practices.  If they do not attend a practice they compromise their crew by having an uneven number of rowers which does not allow the boat to be rowed.


Head Coach – Bill Stone

Orangeville District Secondary School

Teacher Coordinator – Richard Alexander 519-941-0491 ext. 243

Team Manager – Julie Wood

Mayfield Secondary School

Teacher co-ordinator – Chris Huet   905 846 6060 ext. 43

2017 Fees: $270 to the club + additional school and regatta fees

Register: Follow steps on our page “Registration – Register Now”.